The business model of laser marking machine entrepreneurship

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3 min readSep 10, 2021

How to make money with a laser making machine?

The laser marking machine satisfies personalized customization and corporate logo display. It can print exquisite personalized patterns on the phone case, or print the logo on the product to display the brand and deepen the brand impression. Therefore, many entrepreneurs have poured into this industry. If you want to know “how to make money with laser marking machines”, the following content may be helpful to you.

A. Operating laser marking crafts and owning its own shop. There are many handicrafts that need laser marking, such as jewelry, small pendants, metal lighters, metal business card, pet tags, event medals, photo frames, etc, using laser marking machines to make unique items for customers.

B. Sale of marking services. You can provide product marking services in commercial streets and exhibitions, such as pendants with names, characters, or patterns with special meanings, cola, lighters, mobile phone cases, etc. A fee of 5–20 US dollars is charged for once. But it should be noted that in order to be able to move and operate conveniently, you need to choose a small desktop laser marking machine, such as 3PLASERSEM-Smart laser marking machine, which size: 260*440*505mm, heavy 1okg.

C. You can also find merchants and manufacturers to cooperate. It’s the so-called processing on behalf of others, to help people make logos, engravings, drawings, and so on.

D. Sales of laser marking machine to those in need. In the process of providing marking services, you will meet many customers who need equipment. You can choose to be a distributor of laser marking machines, or you can earn commissions from introducing the business.

How to choose a laser marking machine?

Price: The biggest difference between laser marking machines of different prices is the marking effect, marking speed, the quality of the core components of the laser, and the different service life. Cheap laser marking machine (within a few hundred dollars), the fineness and clarity of the engraved pattern will be poor, the marking speed is very slow, and the service life is relatively short. It is more suitable for DIY amateurs. If you have your own For your personal business, you need to engrave patterns or logos or start your own business. We recommend that you use a more efficient laser marking machine. The engraved patterns are clear and fine, the marking speed is fast and the service life is longer.

Bitcoin Engraved by EM-Smart
Yeti Cups Marked by EM-Smart
ABS Marked by EM-Smart
Leather & Pens Marked by EM-Smart

Purpose: You need to select the corresponding laser marking machine according to the engraved product (material). Not all laser marking machines can meet your business needs. For example, the EM-Smart laser marking machine is very suitable for engraving metals, but it cannot be used for engraving materials such as glass and fabrics. You can consult the supplier before buying.