What’s the difference between EM-Smart One and EM-Smart Basic?

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3 min readDec 6, 2021

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to buy or are interested in this smallest 20W fiber laser marking machine in the world. So we’re writing this article to answer this simple (it looks) but important (truly it is) question.

In short, there are 4 main differences between EM-Smart One and EM-Smart Basic:

- First, the foldable design: One is foldable, Basic is not;
- Second, the appearance: One’s circuit is hidden in the arm, Basic’s is not (the pipe as you can see);
- Third, the marking height: One is 90mm, Basic is 200mm;
- Fourth, the weight: One is 10kg, Basic is 12.5kg.

In one word, One is foldable and more portable, while Basic has a higher marking height.

Both One and Basic share the same 20W Raycus laser source, same marking speed, same beam quality, same marking precision, and same lifespan.

Below are the detailed differences between these two portable and powerful laser marking machines in terms of appearance, function, and parameter:


EM-Smart One vs EM-Smart Basic
EM-Smart Basic
EM-Smart One
EM-Smart One


Difference of Parameters

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